Litter on first May 2019

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May 1st brought me a gift of 5 strands of Devonoux thanks to Rexintense O'Douce and Oural du Comté de Sart (thanks again to Coline Borel and Idrisia Lunetta): O'Douce despite his young age took 1 h 30 to give birth 4 females and 1 male (this is the year of the females !!!), the first 3 on the couch of the SAM without screaming or foreplay, then the other 2 in his birth cage in my room, between 21 h 30 and 23 h !!!
2 female seal tortie point, 2 female seal point, 1 male red (to see) point.
A small seal tortie point died at 8 days: very great sadness .....
There are now 3 females and 1 male