Litter of August 08 2018

CHARLY MONDODEVON-REX*PL                                                                    NEMESIS DU CARAMY

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On Saturday, August 11th, Némesis gave birth to 2 small frizzy redheads with a lot of trouble for the male who arrived by the tail: a moment of suffering for her but everything ended well after an intense stress of several minutes that took seemed to last for hours, then the females came out "bomb" immediately after: logical! Nemesis was forced to wear a "dress" to prevent her 2 BB's stubborn: incompatibility between the mother blood group B and dad A : all 2 group A. After 36 hours of feeding and a mother nervous and helpless, finally they were able to join with delight the nipples so desired!

- Only You (she went to Guénaëlle's house) female red tabby & white

- Ocelot (he went to Nicole's house) male red tabby


ONLY YOU DU CARAMY (alias Lilou) reserved