Litter 07/14/2016

INITIAL DU CARAMY                                            REXINTENSE DU CARAMY

Born 10/29/2013                                                 Born 05/26/2015

Père HAGRID DU CARAMY                                 HENRY DU ROYAL PALACE

Mère GALICE DU CARAMY                                  NIKITA HAPPYMIAU PL

Lilas et blanc                                                         blue tortie mk tab. & blc

Blood group A                                                        Blood group A


2 females :

Mélody du Caramy blue tortie tabby et white (goes in Swiss with Karin & Florian), 

Marjolaine du Caramy fawn & white : stay on my sweet home,

3 mâles :

Mirific du Caramy cream whith white  tabby (goes with Chantal in Paris),

Mikado du Caramy  cream & white harlequine, (goes with Catherine in Paris region ),

Milky du Caramy same color (goes with Lydie & Loïc in department Alpes de Haute Provence),

Litter 07/19/2016

INITIAL DU CARAMY                                            IC. JOUVENCE DU CARAMY

Born 10/29/2013                                                 Born 01/04/2014

FatherHAGRID DU CARAMY                               HAGRID DU CARAMY

Mother GALICE DU CARAMY                              RIPPLEREX QUINOA

Lilac & white                                                          black & white harlequine

Blood group A                                                        Blood group A


1 female : Milka  chocolate & white (goes with Lydie in Alpen),

2 males :

Merlin (goes in Guerande with Muriel and find his 1/2 brother Lakota)  chocolate & white,

and Mozart du Caramy,  black & white (goes in Swisterland with Karin & Florian)