Litter of January 31

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On January 31, Rexintense O'Douce gave birth to 5 BBs: 4 males and 1 female "like a letter in the post office" !! this young female is extraordinary by her character in all moments of her life! the father Oural du Comté de Sart also has a character in devonesque gold ! This is to say in the future the characters of babies!
  Rhapsodie seal point female (reserved)
 Rudy male seal point & white (gone to Sophie with Roméo & Raven in Alsace)
 Romarin male seal point gone to Alison (92)
 Roméo seal point male (gone to Sophie with Rudy & Raven in Alsace)
 Ramses red point male (gone to Iteb (92)