News of Caramy :

September 2017

Birth of 1 BB on September 11th : Rexintense Muse et Hagrid du Caramy are happy of this beautiful news ! 

August 2017

Marriage between Muse and Hagrid is good ! Birth for middle September

July 2017

1 BB is born the July 13 of Matisse & Hagrid (see on page : Litter 07/13/2017)

Marriage of Muse et Hagrid beginning July. Maybe birth in middle Septembre

(see "plans")

Mai 2017

I'm pleasure to announce : marriage of Rexintense Matisse and Hagrid du Caramy with 3 BB detected by echo ! and birth in middle of July.

April 2017

Show in Ollioules (Var) April 8th and 9th: the sun was at the RDV, the exhibitors and the visitors too. Muse (Rexintense Mene) made a Special Prize and the BIS adult females on Saturday and Special Prize and nominated at BIS Sunday. Rexintense Matisse made his 2 CACIB points and a Special prize on Saturday.

Show in Paris Espace Champerret with Special Devon Rex (Aedrex : my club of race) results of Rexintense Méné alias  Muse : first / 10 in Spécial, BIS Adults females and Best General Sunday. Rexintense Matisse : in Sunday : second in Spécial Devon Rex with 10 select / 23.

March 2017

Show the 25/26 March

Rain and fresh spring in Gardanne (Bouches du Rhône) but my Devonnettes have had good results:
Rexintense MéNé dit Muse: 1 CAC and 1 POINT CACIB and BIS nominated for 2 days + special price and 3rd in the Special cats with white (bicolor).
Rexintense Matisse: its CAC points on 2 days and 1 Special price on Saturday.

Exhibition on 18/19 March in St Raphaël (83): Rexintense MéNé said Muse had his 2 points for the title of Champion and Best Variety on Saturday

Marjolaine du Caramy had 2 Excellent 6/10 months and a Best Variety on Saturday.

February 2017

Birth of 4 BB of Rexintense Libertine & Hagrid du Caramy : 02/05/2017

(look all photos on page "kittens 2017" :

January 2017

From today, Rexintense Libertine and her husband Hagrid du Caramy will be parents in 8 or 10 days !! There are normally (at the sonogram) 4 BB waiting impatiently ... the nursery is ready ! On my site you can follow the news "in real time"

The 14/15 January : show in Paris ¨(Porte de Versailles) : Mikado du Caramy is nominated BIS "Best in Show) an goes with new humans for new life and too Mirific du Caramy !  

December 2016

                          MERRY CHRISTMAS

Mirific, Mikado, available and Marjolaine du Caramy stay in my home

November 2016

Mikado & Mirific du Caramy kittens availables now.

October 2016

Mikado et Mirific du Caramy 2 kittens cream tabby & white AVAILABLE

September 2016

3 kittens available for october
3 kittens available for october

My 8 BB of Libertine, Jouvence & the father Initial grow fast ! come to the  "kittens" page to see  !!

August 2016

Initial du Caramy was sterilized and left at Momo in Lyon, for sweet retirement.

July 2016

Birth of 4 BB (3 males & 1 female) of Jouvence & Initial du Caramy : July 19.

Birth of 5 BB (2 females é 3 males) of Rexintense du Caramy & Initial du Caramy : July 14 (national day for France) !!

June 2016

Good new for Initial du Caramy tested négatif for HCM (hypertrophic CardioMyopathy) same parents (Hagrid & Galice du Caramy)

2 weddings in May and mid-July 2 births for Jouvence du Caramy and Rexintense Libertine with dad Initial Caramy.
For people who love cats, I note that this will be the only bb 2016 !

HAPPY NEW YEAR and lots of positive !

2014 :

cover of magazine
cover of magazine

New magazine  "MATOU CHAT" released his first number from the July 11th in kiosques and I'm  proud to announce an article on DEVON REX, with many photos by photographer Christophe Hermeline and interviews as breeder and in the name of Aedrex (Association European of Devon REX).

You can to see interview of me on french magazine "Spécial chats" of May with my interview (I speak story of my cattery and Devon Rex and Aedrex) and photos of my Devon Rex : look here the 6 pages of this magazine !! good reading !


I'm honored to be the president of the association : AEDREX 
(Association Européenne du Devon REX)


The goal is to promote this race which is our passion, inform general public about it through Specials in felines show
and gather breeders and sympathizers under the same flag.

Speaking of it:

  These  Specials will take place in 4 shows in 2013  : .Join us! (french & english)


with complete informations, very pleasant and many pictures : lively and varied !


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Conception d'origine du site  : Curtil Mathieu


Actualisation du 30/11/2017 nouvelles photos et Expo à Aubagne

Last update 11/30/2017 show & new photos

Jouvence & Muse

Vous croisez le regard du Devon Rex : une empreinte indélébile

You meet the gaze of Devon Rex :  indelible imprint

3 générations de papas avec dernière fille, de gauche à droite :  Génial, Hagrid, Initial du Caramy et

Némésis du  Caramy au dessous.