News Du Caramy :

March 2024

The litter born on 13/01/24 is now 2 months old and doing wonderfully! Normally they are all reserved. 

February 2024

here are the kittens born on January 13th at 23 days old: a beautiful panel of curly hair.

(lock page "kittens 2024")

Janvier 2024

Birth of 4 kittens the 13 January : mum : Taïmi du Caramy & pup : Oural du Comté de Sart

Oural, Némésis, Sweetie, Taïmi, O'Douce, their 4 babies and me too, wishing you all the best for 2024

December 2023

4 bbs at 1 month : 1 female (chocolate tortle point) 1 male seal point, 2 males red point.  

November 2023

Oural du Comté de Sart, my daddy-male for 6 years, is now retired. He has been an extraordinary husband and is still a tender darling: he will continue to bring us happiness in the house. Thank you Oural for your magnificent offspring.

4 babies are born the November 15th : O'Douce & Oural are proud !

Welcome to 1 female é 3 male on this good world.

link for all inquiries :

Kittens 2023 

Rexintense O'Douce and Oural du Comté de Sart are expecting a happy event. The Caramy family will grow in November.

May 2023

My 3 devonettes : Tendresse, Témérité and Thaïs du Caramy have gone to their human families who are crazy about them! Thanks to them for making them happy and pampered in their new lives!

Taïmi stays at home with her mum Sweetie who always "looks after" her : quite rare for cats because normally the mum loses interest when they are old enough to "fly on their own wings... hem... claws" ::))

April 2023

An April Fool's Day or rather a Meerkat Tender Devon

Tendresse du Caramy

March 2023

New Photos of my sweet Devonettes : go to the page "kittens 2022'

February 2023

My 4 kittens are almost 2 months old: their education is going well, between Sweetie's feedings and the kibbles and pate that they are starting to appreciate. They went immediately in their litter box! bravo to the mother! they already have their future humans who are waiting for them with impatience!

December 2022

On this 31st of December, 4 nice little gifts to end this year 2022 in beauty! Everything went well and the babies are fine!


October 2022

Still no kittens at the Caramy ! Unfortunately Oural still has his contraceptive implant "active" to this day (placed in June 2021)... O'Douce and Sweetie are "impatiently" waiting... Maybe at the end of the year ? Be patient!

Juin 2022

Génial du Caramy is now well adapted to his new feline family and like the others, often asks for cuddles to the great joy of his humans. He proudly supports his 11 years: his purely devonesque head is a replica on all his descendants ::))

January 2022

4 kittens of the 2021 litter have gone to their respective humans.

Sweetie will stay with frizzled Du Caramy as a future mother in 2022.

May 2021

The birth of 5 kittens (3 females & 2 males) the May 7th :

Rexintense O'Douce is the great & happy mother of 3 sweet females and 2 sweet males all colorpoint (with red, seal, tortle with white or without white)

Oural du Comté de Sart, the father,  is proud of her little family !

oural & O'Douce are happiest to announce birth for May !! strongly ! 

Christelle Esteves, member of the Aedrex (Association European Devon Rex)  had the very good idea to write and publish a general book on the Devon Rex with lots of advice, informations and pretty photos, some of which are "Du Caramy" (O'Douce, Oural , Génial etc ..): it is on sale by contacting her on e-mail: or by SMS on his mobile: +33  (0)6 31 27 70 16. An acquisition for your own pleasure as a Devon Rex enthusiast and that of your friends !!

Here is my trio "du Caramy" together: Nemesis du Caramy at the top (now young retired) Oural du Comté de Sart in the middle and Rexintense O'Douce my loving couple for the moment platonic because Oural still has its "active" contraceptive implant, alas! I can't wait for him to fall in love again for good.

In October, Rexintense O'Douce had its certificate of conformity outside show.

my 3 frizzy loves are always united like the 3 fingers of a paw

Oural du Comté de  Sart received its diplomas of Champion and Double champion passed during shows at the end of 2019 and January 2020 !!

June 2020


February 2020

Birth of 3 females the February 8th : parents Némésis du Caramy  & Oural du Comté de Sart, to see here :

January 2020

Birth of 5 BB the January 31 : parents : Rexintense O'Douce et Oural du Comté de Sart :to  see here !

Birth of 1 BB for Muse and Oural : January 16th.

For photos and other, see here

4 BB look by echo for Némésis du Caramy. Birth February 2020.

Décember 2019

Seen on the ultrasound: 3 very restless babies in Muse's big belly and 4 babies in the more discreet one for the moment of O'Douce! congratulations to Oural !!

Némésis du Caramy & Oural du Comté de Sart are maries now ! BB I hope, from February 9 !

Now in December debute, Rexintense O'Douce & Oural du Comté de Sart are maried : babies  I hope february !!

November 2019

Oural du Comté de Sart & Rexintense O'Douce are tested HCM negativ : great !

My 3 kittens availables :

Peppermint : boy black & white,

Pétunia : girl brown tabby & white

Passiflore : girl same color but ++ white

see here to inquiries :


Now all have gone to their new families

September 2019



On litters 2019: remains available: 3 kittens:

Litter of May 07:

Passiflore, Petunia brown tabby and white females,
Peppermint, black and white male,

Come see all the information (parents and photos)
for the 3 kittens born on May 7th here

June 2019

Marjolaine du Caramy was sterilized on June 27, 2019, young retiree, she will seek a new family of human late July when his children will be gone and "autonomous"! Obviously I will be very demanding on the CV of his adopters!
See here :

May 2019

May 21st, the last birth for 2019 in Caramy: Nemesis gave birth to 3 BB: Oural attended and watched this event ! see all the information and photos on this page: 05/21/2019

Birth on first May for Rxintense O'Douce  (father Oural du Comté de Sart) : 5 BB : 4 females & 1 male :

see inquiries here :

Birth on 07th May for Opaline du Caramy (father Oural du Comté de Sart) : 4 BB : 3 females & 1 male :

see inquiries here :

March 2019

Birth March 26th : 3 BB (1 female & 2 males) with parents : Marjolaine & Charly. to see all inquiries and photos here :

Birth March 16 : 1 wonderful girl : see here :

February 2019

Rexintense Libertine was sterilized on February 5th.

she left in her new family. Good life Libertine !

January 2019

Birth announced for Rexintense Muse from middle March.

Dad : Charly Mondodevon-Rex.

December 2018

Charly Mondodevon-Rex is now Champion Loof with several BIS nominations on show.

Rexintense Méné dit Muse is now European Champion Loof after her exhibition in Sanremo (Italy) with several nominations and BIS. Congratulations to my frizzy!

August 2018

Birth of 2 BB Némésis du Caramy and Charly Mondodevon-Rex on August 11: see details and photos in the "kittens" and on the page 08/11/2018

July 2018

Birth of the two BBs of Matisse and Charly this 21 July 2018: scheduled cesarean, the 3rd, so Matisse was also sterilized alas! but his health above all else.

1 female fawn or cream (to see later) tabby

1 red male tabby

All 2 well frizzy!

Hagrid of Caramy (son of Génial of Caramy and Graine d'Amour du Caramy) was sterilized: he was the brilliant daddy of several offspring and it was time that he "passes the hand". He has perfectly conveyed his physical qualities and a typically, adorably Devonian character. Thank you my love of "Hagridoux" (nickname).

A happy event at du Caramy: the birth of 2 females : brown tabby & white and blue-cream & white. Parents Rexintense Libertine & Hagrid du Caramy are proud of their offspring.

June 2018

On June 27 Hagrid and Marjolaine du Caramy were tested negative HCM ! Whew !! For Hagrid, a check and Marjolaine first time.

             Hagrid du Caramy                           Rexintense Libertine                      Charly Mondodevon-Rex                  Initial du Caramy

 Tests CMS normal(Congénital Myopathie Syndrome)

Fathers (Hagrid - Initial) Futur father (Charly) & mother (Libertine)  parents of many mothers and futur   mothers of Du Caramy Family

Wedding between Hagrid du Caramy & Rexintense Muse : birth the end of April

January 2018

The Devon Rex Special-Show  in Paris (Porte de Versailles) on January the 13th brought together 35 Devon Rex: never seen !! everything went well. Rexintense MéNé alias Muse was 3rd in the top 10, BIV and had his last points for the CAGCIB. Tiring (TGV etc ...)but intense !

Némésis du Caramy was tested for HCM negativ the 2018/01/04.

2014 :

cover of magazine
cover of magazine

New magazine  "MATOU CHAT" released his first number from the July 11th in kiosques and I'm  proud to announce an article on DEVON REX, with many photos by photographer Christophe Hermeline and interviews as breeder and in the name of Aedrex (Association European of Devon REX).

You can to see interview of me on french magazine "Spécial chats" of May with my interview (I speak story of my cattery and Devon Rex and Aedrex) and photos of my Devon Rex : look here the 6 pages of this magazine !! good reading !


I'm honored to be the president of the association : AEDREX 
(Association Européenne du Devon REX)


The goal is to promote this race which is our passion, inform general public about it through Specials in felines show
and gather breeders and sympathizers under the same flag.

Speaking of it:

  These  Specials will take place in 4 shows in 2013  : .Join us! (french & english)


with complete informations, very pleasant and many pictures : lively and varied !