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Placed Adults

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MARJOLAINE DU CARAMY : sterilized in June 2019

Born 07/14/2016

Color fawn mackerel tabby & white



négativ HCM (June 2018)

Parents tested CMH & CMS

Groupe Sanguin A

goes now with Thomas (Var)

Rexintense Libertine - now sterilized, she goes with Maxime on Lyon and together happy !

Born 05/26/2015

blue cream tabby & white

Father : Henry du Royal Palace

Mother Nikita Happymiau Pl

 Blood group A

Negativ HCM

 Test CMS normal

A daughter of the beautiful Nikita and Henry at Coline Borel, with her strong character but also cuddly, she is the mother of 9 bb since 2016.

Rexintense Matisse (sterilized on July 2018 : she goes for André in Paris )

Championne Loof - International Champion Loof

Born 05/21/2016


Father :  Initial du Caramy

Mother Nikita Happymiau Pl

Blood group A

Negativ HCM and PEA negativ (for white cat)


Half sister of Muse by parental genes but twin sisters in typically devoniaque character super cuddly and mischievous, Matisse has a soft look that turns hearts !!

Hagrid Du Caramy - Now Sterilized : goes with Isabelle and family in Lançon de Provence with happiness !
Champion and Double Champion Loof
Born on the 13/09/2012
Color: black and white
Mom: Graine d'Amour du Caramy (chocolate tortie)
Papa: Génial Du Caramy (black silver tabby & white)
Blood group B
Negative HCM test (last control June 2018)
normal CMS test
Hagrid is the son of Génial du Caramy: the same adorable and endearing character, with sons and daughters in his image, of which Initial also dad (lives with Easis du Caramy and Momo the crazy woman of his 2 Devon Rex, faithful friend and artist-painter (see his works above and throughout my site)

Jouvence du Caramy (she goes with Helene in Swiss on February 2019)

Born 01/04/2014

Black & white

International Champion

Father Hagrid du Caramy

Mother ! Ripplerex Quinoa

Blood Group A

HCM negativ

Jouvence is daughter of Hagrid with beautiful BBs,  great character typically Devon and good appreciations of Judges in show :

My beautiful and sweety girl now sterilized for "cool life" here  !

Stayed at my home :

Dorraine du Caramy

Birth 08/14/2008

Color : lilac and white

Mother : Babouschka du Caramy

Father : Cilverstone du Caramy

HCM negativ 

It's "Universal Love" incarned ! She loves everybody and everybody loves her... Now sterilized she stay here.

Galice du Caramy
Galice du Caramy

Galice du Caramy

Birth 2011/09/27

Color : Blue cream point

Mother : Orphéade Friseline

Father : Fantask du Caramy

Blood Group: A

Champion LOOF & TICA


Her soft nature adage of the turtle being brat was proved wrong with many good judgement in show. She is a lovely mother, now sterilized,  she stay on home.

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