Devon Rex father

Paint of Momo Fuente
Paint of Momo Fuente

Not out servicing

Oural du Comté de Sart

neutered in Décembre 2023

Born on the 05/16/2018
Seal point and white
Maman Maïco  La Vie en Rose - tested negative CMH
Father Lancelot from County of Sart - tested negative CMH
Blood Group B - not carrying the Long Hair gene
My  hope of beautiful progenies with Oural and its great qualities: type and character in gold !! A happy collaboration with Idrisia Lunetta the Belgian breeder to whom I had entrusted a son of Hagrid Du Caramy: Ighard Du Caramy and who is great grandfather of Oural: a great friendship since.


Special Devon Rex in January: 2nd/10 selected out of 26 Devon Rex present + Bis males !