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Artist Momo Fuente
Artist Momo Fuente
Génial,  Hagrid (son),  Graine d'Amour,  Gwada, Galice,  Dorraine, Halizée, Jaime & Jouvence du Caramy & Rexintense Jalna, Initial du Caramy, Rexintense Libertine, Rexintense MéNé alias Muse, Rexintense Matisse, Némésis, Marjolaine du Caramy & Charly Mondodevon-Rex, Oural du Comté de Sart & Rexintense O'Douce  are tested HCM négativ (Hypertrophic CardioMyopathy)

Important : for reliable color echo doppler test adulthood is essential (at least 12 months) .
Adults tested FELV/FIV -  CMS
All kittens for pet are sterilized.
Not out servicing.

3 generations of father and 1 last daughter in 2020 : Génial, Hagrid et Initial with Nemesis du Caramy and now Oural du Comté de Sart new generation (great grandson of Hagrid du Caramy)

1 father & 1 mom in 2021






Future mother in 2022