Devon Rex mother 2021

Paint of Momo Fuente
Paint of Momo Fuente

REXINTENSE O'DOUCE (Stay my only futur mother for 2021)
Born on 09/10/2018
black tortie point
Dad : Charly Mondodevon-Rex (tested HCM negativ)
Mom : Rexintense Matyt
(tested HCM negativ)

Blood Group A

Tested negativ HCM
Normal CMS & CMH test (parents)

The last of my friend Coline Borel and a beautiful softness "sheep" with lagoon eyes on which I have many hopes with my  father Oural du comté de Sart (see here): fondant-sweet characters !!


3 MOMS IN 2020

mothers  2019-2020
mothers 2019-2020

Nemesis du Caramy (now sterilized : stay at home)

Champion Loof

Born 02/05/2017

Brown tortie mackerel tabby & white

Father : Hagrid du Caramy

Mother : Rexintense Libertine

Blood group B

Tested HCM négativ

 Parents tested CMS

Adorable futur hope of my Devon Rex's family ! all qualities I dream since long time !! beautiful and sweet bb in 2018, 2019 & 2020 !


Rexintense MéNé alias MUSE (sterilized on January 16 2020 and gone with Catherine & Marc in Grenoble for a golden retirement as an only girl  )


Born 05/06/2016

Brown tortie mackerel tabby & white harlequine

Father : Initial du Caramy

Mother :  Rexintense Itsi Bitsi

Blood group A

Negativ HCM

 Parents tested CMS

A beautiful collaboration between my friend and myself Coline Borel
(Rexintense cattery) was born: Muse is one of my hopes for 2018 with his half sister Matisse: the very popular  of show judgements. now sterilized after 3 litters,  few kittens born but all beautiful !!