My plans for 2018

painting of Monique Fuente (Lyon)
painting of Monique Fuente (Lyon)

We have plans for following combinations. Please note plans can always be changed, either by us or the cats... of course !!

For middle of August :

Good news ! Wedding between Némésis du Caramy & Charly Mondodevon-Rex : birth middle of August and normally 3 BB !

For the end of July :

Wedding between Rexintense Matisse & Charly MondoDevon-Rex : birth in the end of July : normally 3 BB !

Future mum for 2019

Marjolaine du Caramy

born 07/14/2016

color fawn mackerel tabby & white

Father : Initial du Caramy

Mother : Hagrid du Caramy

Blood group A


Sweet female, I like its voluntary nature and its new color for me, I hope it will give me beautiful BB in 2018.